Galena Sky Trail

First shot at a star trail photo. Came out well! Though, contrary to most of the guides out there, focusing your lens to infinity ends up with a pretty soft image. Next time! I need to get a proper trigger as well, I just taped down the shutter button. Feel free to click the image for a higher res version!

(EDIT): Okay, I’ll talk a little more about this shot. Alison and I took a long weekend up in Galena and I decided I wanted to shoot one of these. I used my 35L and decided to do a single long exposure over during multiple shorter ones and stacking them. So this was taken at ISO 100, f4 and the shutter was open for a little bit over 45 minutes. Good fun!

Thanks for watching.

– KS

Today’s title is from my current obsession, Of Monsters and Men. This is the track “Little Talks”.