These are notes from a talk by Joshua Plameri titled “A Fresh Perspective on Responsive Web Design” during the HighEdWeb 2015. Josh works at Stony Brook university.

  • Our goal in life is to server others.
  • Reach visitors where they’re at.
  • Seamless experience across devices.
  • Mobile first: forces you to think about the smallest use case first. Helps with content priority and content flow.
  • To serve our users better, presenting them with the content they need, when they need it, where they need it.
  • RRWD: Responsible
  • Keep it Real, Content is real
  • Tips, Tricks
    • Images: max-width: 100%; height: auto; Quality: 60%, 100-150K max; Image optimizer ( or media queries to server different images.
    • Video: Let a third party do it!
    • BAckground Video, preload=none; Network Information API to adjust qualty based on network information, on scroll down stop loading video
    • Carousel: Rethink usage
    • Accordions: useful
    • In-page navigation: smooth scroll instead of jumping to anchors
    • RWD + CMS: CMS templates can help move people along
    • Documentation is important to prtect the investment.

– KS
Web Developer at Benedictine University near Chicago