Welcome Baby Jack Andrew Daniel Sherman!

Well after 39 weeks and some odd days, our son was born Tuesday, April 23, 2013 at 5:10 p.m. He was 21 inches long and weighed 8lbs and 4.3oz.

It was a pretty long journey, but finally our son is here and in perfect health :).

The Journey

Game Face. After taking a small fall off the bed at home, we went to the hospital to make sure everyone was okay. Alison had been diagnosed with gestational hypertention, high blood pressure occuring only during pregnancy. It might have been a spike in her BP that caused her to pass out and fall. She was experiencing a lot of pain near her liver and together with the doctors/midwives we decided to begin induction to deliver Jack a little early.

As you might guess, this wasn’t exactly our plan, we wanted to go into labor naturally and try to have the best possible chances at a natural birth, despite the previous c-section with Annabella.

But after two rounds of pitocin and a foley bulb, there was virutally zero progression. A solid three days in the hospital and they actually let us go home and see what happens.

After five days at home, we came back for a second follow-up visit to check everything out. We were one foot out the door and going to be making our way home when they decided to admit Alison and induce again. As you can see, Alison isn’t very happy about that.

Well another 18+ hours on pitocin and still no progression. Mr. Jack was just too high up and not applying pressure to dialate the cervix. So at the end of the road, we were left with another c-section. Not what we wanted, but we flatout went through all the interventions.

Alison calling her mom and update her.

Yay! There he is!

Thanks for watching! We’re SUPER excited to welcome baby Jack to our family. We are going to be able leave the hospital very soon and get home!

– KS

Today’s title is courtesy of the song “Anything Could Happen” by Ellie Goulding from her album Halcyon. Awesome album.