Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Staying busy! Changed jobs (I’m the Webmaster at Benedictine University now), shooting a lot of weddings with my friend Robb, Annabella is growing pretty fast and I’ve almost completely switched back to PCs (*shudder*). I’ve got a few more posts to throw your way. Oh yeah, and you’ve probably noticed that I changed my site’s template again. Fun!

For now, today’s post has a few new pictures from a trip to Galena. I took another stab at at some long exposure star trail photos. This time I was able to use a remote shutter release instead of taping down the button with duct tape. After those, there’s a shot of a a farm I’ve always wanted to snap a picture of, this last trip the clouds in the sky were awesome!

Thanks for looking, there’s more to come!

– KS

Today’s title is from the Imagine Dragons track “Radioactive” on their album Night Visions. Love this album.