Taking it Easy

Lots of changes coming at work. Mostly good. I don’t fear change, but if I don’t understand what’s coming, I can become skeptical. Couple that was the condition of the economy, mostly lame candidates in the 2012 GOP primary (I love politics!) and that can add up to a lot of uncertainty.

This guy helps run a bed and breakfast tucked in Geneva of 38. I wonder what it’s like to get to that age where you’ve seen it all and finally get to relax and run a B&B.

So stay classy, kick back and take it easy once in a while. Also, shooting at f1.4 allowed me to shoot at ISO800 instead of ISO3200. Time for primes. But need money. Someday!

– KS

PS – This is an image from a wedding a shot a few weeks ago. Working on editing, should have a post up soon!