One Month of Baby

This is a few weeks late, but Annabellais now a little over a month old! It’s crazy how much time flies, how quickly things change and how quickly everything continues changing. Personally, I think it’s a fun ride, especially when you have your best friend beside you to take on the world. And heck, I turned 25 today! A good age, I think.

– KS

Today’s title is from “On the Other Side” on my current obsession album, Augustana’s latest self-titled.

I don’t know where the ocean meets the sky
I don’t know why the world keeps spinning by
Don’t know why the hours move so slow
Babe, when I’m with you, I don’t want to know
Want to feel your feet lifting off the ground
I want to feel you love me at the speed of sound
Babe it could end tonight
Know it would be alright
Cuz I’m gonna love you
Somewhere on the other side