Crazy day! My wife got locked out of the house briefly with the baby inside, so naturally she went all “Jack Bauer” on our front door.

I got a last minute call to shoot the Sears Holdings Headquarters in Hoffman Estates for the cover of tomorrow’s (Sept. 30) Elgin Courier News. Awesome. Had a hard time getting to a good spot on the building, but I ended up getting there at the exact right moment. I’m super excited about the results, barely did any editing on these. First one is my favorite.

Sears Holding HQ
Sears Holding HQ

Thanks for looking! I snap a picture of the front page and post it tomorrow :)

Here it is!


– KS

Today’s title is from the Queen song “Somebody to Love”; Excited that Marc Martel is getting huge exposure, he has an incredible voice: here and here.
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