Nope, it’s not the name of an Owl City cover band.

Or part of the chorus of a song.

They are signs of God’s hand on my mom and dad (and family) along their journey to rid the world of brain tumors, one person at a time. Or something like that.

We later decided to coin the term “Owl in the Road” for any event of significance, an epiphany moment, or a “sign” (not necessarily a crop circle like in Midnight Shama-lamma’s movie).

As we go through this ordeal we try to look for God’s healing hand upon our hearts. Sometimes He speaks to us and comforts us through our relationships with other people, sometimes it is through events that make us gasp and say “No one but God our Creator could have done that.” Some call them “signs”, some say they are “just coincidences.” To us its an “Owl in the Road.”

This is an excerpt from the blog my dad is maintaining along this journey. Check it out here:

Owl in the Road: History and Current Events Relating to Dana’s Brain-a

Should be a good read, my dad’s quite the writer.

I had my own little adventures getting. I apparently book a flight for 5:18pm FRIDAY night, not Thursday. My mom’s surgery was scheduled for Friday. Smoooooth. Luckily I was able to get on a flight last night to still get to Cali before the operation. Whew! Second obstacle: waiting in O’Hare for 5 hours before the flight would take off. Fortunately DeeDee K. was on hand for entertainment! Thanks for making it an enjoyable wait!

So pictures. Here’s some.





Okay, I’d say more. But off for surgery!!

– KS