In honor (not really) of Pepsi Throwback, I am doing my own little set of “throwbacks” and posting some really old stuff. Kinda funny, going through 3,000+ pictures from my old point-and-shoot Canon SD450.

First set here are from a trip to Mississippi to help with hurricane relief efforts when I was a part of campus life. This was really sort of a life-changing trip, but not in the usual way and not something I realized until recently. It wasn’t so much the destruction and the trip’s goal itself that changed me, it was that I first realized that photography (and videography) can be used to tell a story. The Daily Herald (probably the start of my endearing love for that paper) sent a reporter and a photographer down with us. I got a chance to talk with Laura Stoecker, the photog that went down, a bit here and there and it was really the first time I had ever heard of ‘photojournalism’. Sort of that little seed was planted and I was hooked.

Throwback 1

Throwback 2

Throwback 3

Throwback 4

Throwback 5

Throwback 6

Throwback 7

Throwback 8

Throwback 9

Throwback 10

Throwback 11

Throwback 13

Throwback 12

That last one of my little sisters from 2006 cracks me up. They both look soooooo pissed. Maggie on the right (she’s 12 now!!) and Rachel on the left (9??!).

So here was a little look at 2006. What I wouldn’t give to be able to go back on that trip to Mississippi with a legit camera and experience.. Looking through the 1,200 pictures I took down there, I couldn’t help but laugh at where I choose to shoot from. Lots of the backs of people’s heads and such. It was also funny to see how much I had learned in a week; pictures from the last half of the trip were still LEAGUES better then the first half. Still not great of course. Lolz.

– KS

Today’s title is taken from the Bob Dylan song “Like a Rolling Stone”.