Some mo’ pictures from awesome California.

The weather here (near the coast anyway) is amazing. I can totally see why some people come here and never leave.

<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">A panoramic! Click for a higher resolution version. </figcaption></figure>









Not much else at this point! Still in limbo in surgery world. Been running around a bunch. So glad I still have a whole week left here.

– KS

Today’s title is from the some “For You My Dear” by Steel Train from their album For You My Dear. My current obsession (on so many levels!).

It takes a lot to really fake you and leave you bare
And I’ll never forsake you

You can stand on the edge till you find the pledge you made
Once upon your stolen seeds
But to hold the dreams and never believe you’ll leave all the schemes
That held you up inside

For you my dear
I can fall from heights

And it’s all I can do
As I slide to you
And brake when we fall

I give it all the best for the girl who rests
Shameless on the brink of broken dreams
And so I look to the floor for the one I adore
And in place is the face that shines so bright I believe

Don’t you turn away

Don’t deny what makes you
And in me you’ll see the one who’ll forsake you