Shalom, my fastidious blogviewers! Crazy State of the Union speech the other day, no?! Okay, so it wasn’t crazy… Had a party at the new place in honor of the momentous occasion and even managed to lock us out of my apartment. Opps!

Today’s series comes from my beginning of my endeavor to piece together a portfolio of recent that we have done at the shop, the goal of which is to develop a new website (also an endeavor of mine) so we can hopefully drum up some work. Tough times in the industry, lots of people selling off work at super low prices that make it hard to compete. Here’s to hoping I can some part in keeping us around for a while longer.









The more I edit HTML content for either here or the Judson website, the more I find my self writing in the source code view. Just not trusting the WYSIWYG editors to actually work right. Sure its tedious, but so far way easier in the long run.

And I am now fully moved into my apartment. I’m really enjoying it so far. Great feeling being under your own steam, in terms of a living space. I find I have more free time, though maybe that’s a correlation between no more classes and not much work at the Shop. I also am feeling really bored of late. Just not a lot to do I guess. Hopefully that’ll change soon!

BTW, the 7D is definitely my last 1.6x/APS-C camera. Only reason I plan to keep it around is because of the newer technology, ie its ability to do amazing video and everything else except the sensor is pretty slick. Planning to sell my 5D and 1D Mark II and get a 1D Mark III. Probably going to miss the full-frame camera…

– KS

Today’s title comes from the song “Gone Away” by Safetysuit from their album Life Left to Go. If your ever pissed about relationshippie things, this is the album for you!