Hello all!

Been crazy out-of-my-mind the last few weeks, lots going on… But more on that some other day! Instead, to whet your appetites, I have some aerial photographs! Most of these are of Judson University, but not all! Everything looks sooooo cool from 1,000-1,200 feet! Only wish the sun had peaked from the clouds more while we were up and that the windows weren’t so cloudy. But it was still a fun experience!

Note: some of these might take a little longer to open, trust me, it’s worth it!


DuPage Airport, where I used to go for Civil Air Patrol when I was a youth.


Downtown Elgin!

Aerial3Judson University from the west


Judson University from the west


View of Judson University from I90 and Rt31


Science Building at Judson University


Flag Entrance at Judson University


Sherman Hospital, in Elgin, IL

Thanks for stopping by! Exciting things on the horizon!

– KS

Today’s title was take from the dong “Feelin’ So Fly” by Toby Mac from his album Portable Sounds