Jim Petterec, owner of JP Jewlers in St. Charles, Ill., melts down some gold scraps to be reused as sizing stock on Tuesday, April 13, 2010. (Kevin Sherman | For the Courier-News)

Yup, I shot for the Elgin Courier the other day. And I got/will get paid. Been passively trying to shoot for them for a while. I say passively because over the last few months I haven’t exactly been eager to add more to my pile. But fortunately some of my peripheral jobs have calmed down. Was a pretty basic assignment, but hopefully it can be the start of getting more photojournalism work, which is always what I’ve wanted to do.  Whoop!

Also started up grad school at DePaul. I’m actually really enjoying the commute. I really like Chicago (though glad I don’t live/work there everyday at this point) and its a blast being able to go downtown every week. But the class itself has been tough. Not from a workload standpoint (quite the opposite really) but in that journalism writing is soooo different than anything I have been used to doing. So its taking a while to make that switch. I’ll get there, I know it.

– KS

Today’s title is brought to you by Coheed and Cambria from the song “Pearl of the Stars” on their newest album Year of the Black Rainbow.