Another post?! What the deuce?! Well, today’s images are actually almost two years old. Way back, I went out to get some pictures of a project we did at work for our portfolio and I also sold five of them to the general contractor for their own portfolio. I never showed them here, well because here didn’t quite exist. So take a gander.

MPSLoria 1

MPSLoria 2

MPSLoria 3

MPSLoria 4

MPSLoria 5

MPSLoria 6

MPSLoria 7

MPSLoria 8

MPSLoria 9

I apologize for the water marks. I just recently re-discovered these from my ftp site. As I might have mentioned, I had a horrid hard drive debacle in late 2008 and I haven’t quite organizationally recovered. Well, now that I have some more free time (ha!) I am planning to go back through my drives and check out the situation. As such, I might actually be posting old stuff from time to time. Always a blast looking back. I hope I don’t repost anything. If so, what ever. Deal. :-) Man, I’m hanging out with Robb too much! Also might be interesting to note that this was about two weeks after I got my 5D with the 24-105L. One or two of these might also have been with the Sigma 12-24mm lens I had for a few months. Wow, that feels like forever ago.

Architectural photography is one of my favorite forms of photography. Being that I work in the industry (BTW, for those that don’t get what I do, I make the drawings for projects like this so the guys in the shop know what to build. Ballin’), its always a blast seeing the talented work of the guys back in the shop. Its easy for me to draw crap up, but they really are the masters, turning those line drawings into a spectacular product. On top of that, there are architects and owners with their own visions for the project; plumbers and electricians and other trades have touched a project like this, all working together to come up with a result like this. Truly incredible when you think about it.

Anyway, I really hope to get out pretty soon to do more architectural photography for my company’s portfolio. This really was the last one I did. Sad, I know.

– KS

This post’s title comes from the song “Chandeliers” by Sleeping at Last from their recent album Storyboards.