So I’m not working at the Daily Herald at present. Too bad. But, I’ve still been able to keep busy. Wedding over the weekend and an event at Judson today. There is a care being manufactured by Tata motors for sale in India. The car costs approximately $2,500 USD and will eventually be on sale soon in Europe, maybe even in the US at one point. Pretty slick car, actually fairly roomy for what it is. So, here are some pictures from the event! Decided to throw them in a SlideShow this time around. Sorry to the mobile users…

[slidepress gallery=’judson-tata-event’]

Pretty slick, eh?

Well, I also got a chance to talk with one of the two [:’-(] photogs remaining at the Courier News in Elgin. Hoping to possibly freelance for them in the up-coming future. Really hope that works out! And still the possibility of shooting for the Daily Herald lingers, but not counting on that… Too bad! Loved working there. Time will tell.

– KS

Today’s post title comes from the song “Don’t Rain on My Parade” which I got from the Glee Volume 2 soundtrack. Could it be that by the end of their first season they could have 4 volumes of songs?! NUTS!