Huzzah! Some pictures that I wasn’t getting paid or assigned to take!!!

I am now well onto my way of working both a full-time job and a part-time job, for a grand total of 60 hours a week!  The upside: lots of money. The downside: I only have two hours or so after work before I need to go to sleep. The upside: I get to work around 6am every morning, so I get to see the sunrise everyday. The downside: I start work around 6am every morning.

On this particular morning, we had a beautifully orange sun coupled with a nice hazy fog. I love fog. So, I could not help but get to work a little late and snap these little pixels.

So there you have it!

As if I wasn’t crazy enough, I am also going to be shooting for the Daily Herald again pretty soon. And by pretty soon, I mean tomorrow. So looks like my weekends are filling fast! I can’t wait to get back to shooting for them.

Oh, adding a new camera soon:

– KS