These are some volleyball pictures from Lake Zurich High School. Game went by fast, I only had about 40 minutes to get shots. Ah well.

Some Interesting tidbits…
The vast majority of the visitors here to my website are from the US, no surprise. Internationally, the most page views from a single country is Andorra, with 2.
Most visits by state:
Yea Illinois! Texas, try to keep up.

Firefox is BY FAR the most used browser to access my site, with 69%. Internet Explorer and Safari are pretty close to each other with 25% and 20% respectively.

While Windows is the more used Operating System by a very slim margin, Mac OS X users on average spend three times as much time on my site.

The most popular screen resolution for visitors is 1280×800, which is all the MacBooks and some lower end PC laptops. 1440×900 is next up, all you MacBook Pro users holla!

Most visitors are from Judson, who are also the majority of the return-users as well.

Only two visitors were on dial-up. My condolences.

Pretty split between Direct Traffic and Refferal Traffic. What’s the difference? Direct Traffic are those that type in, refferal traffic are those that come to my site through a link on another, i.e. Facebook.

Speaking of Facebook, the vast majority of you all come from Facebook. Rawk. Google searches next, then twitter.

Speaking of Google searches, this is funniest search string that brought people here:
Fortunately, they weren't here for very long...

Well, that about does it. Apparently I’m dead.

Thanks for stopping by!