Merry April Fools Day everyone!

Today I bring you Google’s April Fools joke, equal parts hilarious, useful and nuclear-war-inducing-dangerous. Introducing, GMail Autopilot!

Much less April Fools-ie, but instead rather real but perhaps more disturbing than the above. NASA, in their attempt to connect to ‘the people’ decided to put to vote the name of their new room on the International Space Station. Stephen Colbert did as Stephen Colbert does and encouraged his fans to petition NASA to name to room after himself. And he won. Yes, its true. Almost as hilarious/cliche, the second place name was ‘Serenity’… Com’on guys, thats the best you could come up with? In a few hundred years, are we going to end up with a USS Enterprise as our flagship space craft too?

Enjoy your April Fools Day!
– KS