My favorite piece of technology: the 30 inch display.

It makes my 24in at home feel normal and just barely adequate.

I suppose short of my camera, this picture really hold most all my favorite pieces of technology :)

Sorry for the lack of updates (I’m apologizing on a blog, huh) but it has been many many days since I have taken a single picture. Sad to say this might well be the first picture of 2009. Huh.

Classes start soon and this is also the beginning of my last full semester of classes. Just a few here and there and in 337 days, one phase of life will finally be over. Not sure what the next holds, but I am excited and anxious to get on with it.

In the near future, I hope to have my WordPress blog functioning and when that day comes, my updates will all be up over there.

Got a lot planned for the year, hopefully everything pans out!

– KS