Man, I thought Genoa-Kingston High School had incredible lighting in their gym… Then I shot here at Belvidere North High School (for the initiated: f2.8, 1/500-1/640 at ISO1600!). The game was mostly a blow-out, with Belvidere North (white) leading by over 20 points at the half. Belvidere (black) ended up coming to within 6 points for most of the last qaurter. Got pretty exciting! I understand that this was some form of cross-town rivalry since both schools are from Belvidere, IL.

So what else… I am going to make more of an effort to write in this photoblog instead of just ‘here are pictures’.

I am applying to which is one of the most respected sports photography communities on the ‘nets. Then when I get a check from work next week, I am going to join the National Press Photographers Association and find me an internship for the semester.

Classes start in two days, I have 18 credit this semester and graduation in 335 days, not that I am counting or anything.

– KS