Hello! Welcome to the blagosphere once again.

This has been quite an incredible week. A lot of things are coming together for a change. Might have some sweet stuff happening in the next few months.

Bunch of changes around here. I have an updated portfolio now, including mostly images from my work at the Daily Herald this summer/fall. Check it out! I think its really solid and certainly a few dozen steps above my old one. Additionally, I have posted an updated resume and all that good junk. Interested? Simply go to the Portfolio tab above.

Got a Canon EF 16-35mm f2.8L lens this week too, should go perfectly with my 7D. Also, the current plan is that I will be filming a video project this weekend with my old boss at Judson, who is a film student in a Graduate program at DePaul University. I am really looking forward to the opportunity to use the wonderful 1080p video mode on the new camera as part of a legit movie. Woo.

Well, this Wednesday, I got to go down to the Chicago Shakespeare Theare on Navy Pier with my Shakespeare class. Was a pretty incredible experience. We saw Richard III, which isn’t even one of his more exciting plays, but it was SO well done. Really, if you ever get the opportunity to see a production at that theatre, JUMP ALL OVER IT.

We had about an hour or so before the play was to start to wander around. Navy Pier is pretty empty this time of the year that late at night. I decided to slip out after dinner with my camera and walked around the city. I took a bunch of video too, but that will take some time to get through. So for now, some pictures!










Thanks for looking! Here’s to the near-end of a very good week and the hope of a pretty stellar weekend. Shall see!

– KS

Today’s title comes from the song “Picking Fights with Giants” by Time of Favor on their album Cannonballs and Whispers.