Only two pictures for today’s post, both from our crazy day of snow on Saturday. I wish we had those more often. Now its just going to become brutally cold some more. Blegh.

<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">Angela Boule from Pittsburgh carries off a large piece of brush from the Bliss Woods Forest Preserve in Sugar Grove during some habitat restoration work at the Forest Preserve. Angela and her husband Tom are in town visiting family in Sugar Grove for the holidays. Kevin Sherman © Daily Herald </figcaption></figure>
<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">Linda Cox, of St. Charles, enjoys a stroll through the snow on Saturday morning. Kevin Sherman
© Daily Herald</figcaption></figure>

I can’t even imagine the things I can do when I get the opportunity to shoot full time. I feel right now that time is so tight, better now that school is over, but only shooting a few hours here and there is frustrating. Been shooting a ton of basketball, good fun and all but I’m yearning for something a little different. So many thing I want to learn how to do, but seems I don’t have sufficient opportunities. Guess this is that quarter-life crisis John Mayer sings about. Nice.

A lot of changes coming up, maybe this is an opportunity to put a new step forward, and make happen the things I want to happen. Woot.

Something new: reading for fun and not reading Tom Clancy. I LOVE Tom Clancy books, well the Jack Ryan series anyway. I have read many of them twice, that good. Incidentally, those are pretty much the only books I have eer read for fun. Well, for the last week or so I have been reading a Stephen King book, Duma Key. Its a long one, so this will be rough to finish. My first Stephen King too, its good fun. May sound silly, but thats a bit of step in my book; something new. Thanks Ashley for recommending it!

Anywhoose, I am sure no one reads these parts any way! Could be the last post of the year, but no promises. After I move, I’m going to be looking at actually putting together galleries of pictures. I had hard drive issues about 8 months ago and haven’t fully recovered, organizationally. I actually just discovered yesterday that I have lost nearly all my Israel pictures. Only saving grace was that I gave out a few DVDs to the other team members. But that means all my panoramics are gone. Ah well. Needless to say I have two copies of all my pictures locally and am about 4 days away from a complete online backup.

– KS

Today’s title was brought to you by the song entitled “Take Back the City” by Snow Patrol (I HUGE favorite band of mine, always puts me in a good mood) form their recent album A Hundred Million Suns. Blazes, caption writing is affecting my writing style.