Well, today was the auction. Turns out, really the auction isn’t an auction. It was essentially just a ploy to get people to look at the house and put in bids, but disguised as an auction. Lame cakes. Whatever, the auction was today and some sucker bought it for $78,600! Man is he in for a lot of work! $78k is WAY too much for that house, considering all the work it needs. Best of luck!

So I am a little bummed that I didn’t get it, but also very relieved. I plan to re-open the house buying idea in the fall. Who knows what will be around then!

In other, non-house related news… I got the photojournalism internship at the Daily Herald!!! Unfortunately, it isn’t until May but I am so excited! Though it means I will be working between 60 and 80 hours a week! Which is really just fine for me :).

Had two big tests today, I have a few pictures to put up maybe later today, but more likely tomorrow. Watch this space and thanks for stopping by!


– KS