Been a while since I have posted and I at minimum owe a portfolio from the summer.

I have had some trouble getting it posted, partially because I don’t feel an entire sense of closure from the experience. It taught me many a lesson, most specifically that I have a ton to learn (not that I didn’t know of this, but was made all the more apparent) and I love the work. I feel like in some ways I didn’t learn enough, that I felt more like an inexperienced worker than an eager learner.

And since the conclusion of said internship, I have immediately moved to working around 60 hours a week, started my last two classes of my undergraduate education (pray it be the end of my formal education) and experienced the loss of my father’s father, my grandpa Jack Sherman.

What can I say about the man? Not much here. His life means more than anything I could feebly write in this space. What I was humbled by and excited over was the significant quantity of my own pictures of him throughout the funeral home during the visitation and his service last Friday and that he held in his hands a picture I took of the whole family at his 85th birthday party earlier this year. A good man laid to rest easy; a trying week and a half for the family.

As such, I feel as though this semester didn’t simply start, but rather rolled into being. The waters are pretty muddy and I feel partially withdrawn but partially bored. I like most of my work, but none of it places a camera in my hands often, if ever.

What do you do to find inspiration? How do you jump from boredom to action? A project I have considered attempting was to carry with me an object and take a picture of it everyday, somehow. I think this might be an exercise in working a subject to death and interests me, but I have a hard to springing to action. Any suggestions on an object? It must be reasonably easy to bring with me everyday, or I just will stop (knowing myself).

Any words are appreciated. Gotta rock the car out of the mud!

– KS