haven’t been taking a lot of pictures lately, kind of depressing. So I posted the above, a banner I made for the front page of Judson. I’m pretty happy with it (you gotta click it to see the whole thing). Wish I could do a lot more of that crap, practice with Illustrator and junk. Been so busy with trying to keep up with school. Well, at least by about this time next year, I will be graduating. Couldn’t come soon enough! Though it seems with the economy as bad as it is for jobs that I want, I may have no choice but to get a Masters… Frick, more school. LAME.

And my boss told me that he is going to have to cut down my hours at work; there apparently just isn’t enough work for me. Sucks because winter break is coming and I try and work full time over break to make money to survive the semester. I guess its time to get creative! And maybe sell a camera or a lens or two. Such as life I guess.

A random thought. I was looking through some facebook friends profiles of people I knew in high school… I came to this thought that it seems that some of the people I never wanted to know turned out to be the exact people I would want to know today. Funny how that works.

I suppose I was hit with another realization, the one thing I do regret from high school is the one thing I thought I would never regret… Oh getting older is SO much FUN! *grumble* *grumble*

- KS