First basketball game of the season. Not super stoked with the 1D Mark II at ISO3200… And this is also my first time shooting in the Judson University gym… all I gotta say is its pretty gross in there, lighting wise. Even at ISO3200 I could only get shutter speeds at 1/320th sometimes, most fell in at 1/250th. Yuck! The last gym I shot basketball in was at Genoa-Kingston High School, my favorite place to shoot sports. ISO1600 and 1/400th. Amazing.

Just got the word today that my hours at the millwork shop are going to be cut, and I am already down to 15. I was planning to work near full time during winter break. So much for that. I sure hope I can survive.

Also thinking about applying for an internship with the AP (Associated Press) for next summer. Would be stinking amazing.

Changes on the horizon for my website! Hard at work at a redesign, including business cards! This is turning out to be QUITE a challenge. But at least it is something I am thoroughly enjoying. :)

Anyway, crunch time in school. Big push to the end.

- KS

EDIT:: Here is the finished footage from my trip downtown. All the editing and a majority of the shots where done by Doug Miller, though some of my clips are in there too! :)