Number Three! Wow, I can’t imagine what is worse than Number Two…

Went to Bethlehem, which was really interesting. Not because its the town where Jesus was born or the like (not into that stuff… not sure why), but because there is a wall separating Jerusalem from Bethlehem. For all you who think building a massive wall between Mexico and the US is a good idea, go see one first. I have always been opposed to a wall, now even more so. Lame.

1) Yeah.

2) Panoramic of the Herodian ruins, one of Herod’s palaces.

3) Tunnels under the palace.

4) Some protest graffiti. I hesitate to call it graffiti… It was all over the place near the wall. Truly incredible.

5) This image is particularly interesting, even if I don’t understand all the subtly imagery in it.

6) More.

7) Nice.

8) And then to the Israeli side (the previous were the Palestinian side)…

9) What an odd contrast.

10) Bus was boarded and passports checked on the way back.

11) Sergio, our guide for the week. Guy was pretty interesting.

12) The Temple Mount portion of a scale model of Old Jerusalem. This was pretty sweet, the model was HUGE!

13) See what I mean!

  • KS
    Matthew 9:37-38