Second day! This one was a bit more of a free day, conference registration wasn’t until later that day, so we could do what we wanted. To Old Jerusalem it is!

1) Market.

2) See above.

3) Hahaha, Shalom Y’all. See how ‘Americanized’ some of these places are. Freakin tourists. Oh wait…

4) See above minus 1. A lot of closed shops, as this was the Sabbath. Was interesting to see the Sabbath laws lived out throughout a whole country.

5) See above.

6) Stair way.

7) Dome of the Rock. Honestly, a pretty ugly structure. The solid gold top is impressive though, which is probably why they only show that part of the dome usually.

8) Guards. Twas pretty sweet seeing guys all over the place with M16s… And guys with rifles on top of buildings over looking the Market. Nice.

9) Jesus’ house!

10) Camel ride – John Ritchey edition.

11) Camel ride – Kyle Selph edition.

12) Dr. Sanders arrive safely!

More on the way!

  • KS
    Luke 5:29-32