First day actually in Israel. Saw sooo much.

1) The Dead Sea. Unfortunately we didn’t get to go there. Lame.

2) Coconut farm!

3) Olive tree up on Mt. Arbel. Man do I wish we had mountains in Elgin. Heck, I would be happy with hills.

4) The Team (sans me) on Mt. Arbel over looking the town of Magdalena.

5) Israel Flag. On a boat. On the Sea of Galilee. That isn’t really a Sea. Its more a lake. You can see across the thing. Barely qualifies as a lake.

6) Massive flock of Jewish seagulls flew around our boat, posing for the camera as they flew by. Rock.

7) Synagogue in Capernum.

8) Olive Tree. Word.

9) Donkey. You thought it was something else, didn’t you?

10) Jesus’ olive press. Really, it was. Er, wasn’t.

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    Luke 2:20