The Team thus far… Alicia Fish, Amanda Groves, Kyle Selph, John Ritchey and Prof. Keith Krispin. And me. But I don’t take pictures of myself ;)

So, it looks like I will not be able to update you all everyday, it costs about $10USD for 60minutes of interweb or $100USD for the week. Thats a bit too much…

I will say that this has been quite an experience so far… Some good some bad :). To me, its almost more interesting being in a different country, a different continent that throws me. The “being in the Holy Land” hasn’t really hit me as much as being in such a different culture.

But, the first bad thing happened after our first flight. I left my little sister’s stuffed kitty on the plane. I took a shot of it on the plane and then put it up in the over head bins. Well, they are deep and I am short and I thought I had everything… I am going to call the airline and see about picking it up in the lost and found on the way back. Blast.

And then we got to Tel Aviv and the Airline didn’t bring my luggage. Sweet. I did get it tonight, so all is well now, but still was a little frustrating. A well, life goes on!

Well, that is all. Much love to all, and be looking for my ginormous picture vomit when I get back.

Oh, and for those expecting responses to emails, apparently my phone is not working properly at the moment. I am going to try and get it sorted out, my battery has been dead for a while.


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