Dia Four! We woke up early this morning and went through some of the tunnels that where in the Western Wall. Then later went up to the temple mount.

1) Just a dirty empty building with an ‘Open’ sign

2) They crossing sign guys have hats!

3) Is the sign holding the Rabbi up, or is the Rabbi hold up the sign? You decide.

4) Nice sidewalk shot, exiting the Damascus Gate.

5) Again, armed for a fight. Even at the Western Wall. Could you imagine guys with guns providing security INSIDE our churches?

6) South African hand. B&W is so much fun sometimes.

7) Probably my favorite shot of John.

8) And a guy on the side of the road mimicking John. Nice.

9) Begger at the Western Wall.

10) Unity! Or rather comparing skin tones…

11) View of the Western Wall from above.

12) See above.

13) Peeking through at the Wall. Love this shot, even if it was no specific purpose.

14) Ah, the Priest sporting Crocs and Denim Jeans.

15) Inside a cathedral we sang in. Incredible. I wish my church had those acoustics. I would be HAPPY to sing hyms :)

16) See above.

17) View of the Western Wall from ground level.

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    James 1:27