Hey to all you blogging types out there… I REALLY want to get on this photo-a-day bandwagon. For the most part, I have used Xanga for that, so I have been hesitant to start another blog somewhere else..

but sometimes its good to start again somewhere new.

So yesterday I got some sweet goodies. Got me a 24″ Samsung LCD Monitor. This is one sweet display, without getting too technical, it is capable of displaying well over twice the colors as my MacBook Pro’s screen. Before getting this puppy, I thought my laptops display was the best one I had ever used. Sure those 30″ Apple displays at Linder are nice, but they are not this bright or clear, thats for darn sure!! Now I have a nice two dispaly setup… This should help with post-processing now that I have a more color accurate monitor.

As a result, there are now as many as 5 cables coming off my laptop. Audio, Power, Monitor, External Hard Drive and then a USB connection going to a 4Port USB Hub in the back of my monitor, which is also filled :D

Got my tablet, keyboard, memory card reader and Printer all connected…

Invaluable to cloning and other detail work in Photoshop…

My nearly-full 500GB External Hard Drive… Hides nicely behind the monitor.

Yes, I know, its not an Apple Keyboard.. Maybe someday I will try one, but I tried one of these out at Best Buy and love the way it feels. Plus, it has the Apple keys too, which is nice. Besides, Logitech makes great products too! I would NEVER use an Apple mouse, especially if I have my Logitech mouse in my backpack ;)

Well, that about rounds it up! Hopefully the first of many to come. Plus, I go to Israel in 5 days, so there will be plenty of pictures!

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