That’s the newest member of the family! Funny how this photography thing goes… I remember WAY back (haha, barely a year ago!) I would have anguished over buying a piece of equipment that cost $300… But when I order this puppy, I barely batted an eye. Wow. So far, its pretty sweet! Should be every beneficial with the outdoor sports shoots! In fact, all the above pictures where taken with it on my venerable 70-200 f2.8L. Rockin.

But today was rough. I was up until about 6.30am working on an assignment and chatting with a friend. Yeah. Could barely stay awake in my first class, so I skipped my second and went home and slept for 2 hrs.

And then the fun started.

I got my shoot mixed up, I had the one today and one for Thursday. The Thursday one is up in Richmond, IL near the WI border. But, for some reason I thought that one was today. So I get all the way up to Richmond and find that I am supposed to be at HD Jacobs in Algonquin. Suck. 3hrs of driving and I am still there an hour late. So yeah, the shots aren’t super great.

Anyway, tired as heck. Time for sleep!

- KS